The Disston Summer Reunion 1997

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The following pages include selected pix taken during our 1997 family reunion in Maine.
This was our first family gathering ever.

The photo album directory below takes you to the pages organized by topic. Each of the following pages have clickable "thumbnail" photos which bring up the full size pictures (at 72 dpi-- sorry, it's still the Internet).

(Shoo Shoo, in deference to your request, we have not posted any of the "forbidden shots" on this page.
I have, however, sold them to an XXX rated page to be posted elsewhere on the Internet)

We found this little guy in the garden when we got back. Right where the guinea pig used to be.

Photo Album:
(Please keep in mind, optical scanners tend to darken pictures and the Internet can't do high resolution. Also, BE PATIENT. Allow all the pictures on a page to load completely before viewing any of them. I have left the picture size quite large so you can see them. Generally I think 40k files are too big, but if you're patient enough to let the thumbnails load, you can see the full sized photo.)

How to Order:
If you'd like copies, email us below with the caption of the photos you'd like. Enclose a check and a stamped, self addressed envelope, and we'll send them back via email. (a little Internet humor...)

And if you'd like to see Matt and Galen's Summer....


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